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Swing Bed Program

Services Provided

When you're too sick to go home the Swing Bed Program provides the following:

Skilled Nursing Services
Restorative Care
Comprehensive Wound Care
Full Body Whirlpool
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Cardiac Recovery
Respiratory Services
Infusion Therapies
Cancer Services
Traumatic Injury Recovery
Digestive Disease Services

When Your Insurance Says You No Longer Need Hospitalization but:

You are not able to care for yourself at home,
You need intensive pain management,
You need short term skilled nursing or therapy services,
You need to be closer to home for recovery.

Remember... SWING BED

Case Management and Discharge Planning

The discharge planning process begins prior to admission to the facility, at which time the patient and family discuss goals for recuperation and plans for on-going care.

During your stay, the plan is re-evaluated by all members of the team and the levels of care are adjusted according to patient progress and needs. This care planning process is an integral part of our team's ability to ensure that goals are met as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive, Flexible Care

Methodist Hospital Union County is a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). This designation allows the inclusion of Swing Beds in the patient services program.

With the incorporation of swing beds, patients may qualify to remain in a sub-acute care setting until they are able to be discharged to home or another level of care.

Swing Beds also allow time for the nursing staff to teach patients how to care for themselves once they return home. The goal is for the patient to achieve their highest level of independence.

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